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Engagement Weekly: Encouraging a Thriving Workplace Culture

Learn about the latest in employee engagement within various industries. This week’s influential authors look into what makes a thriving workplace culture, better wellness, less turnover, and how leaders can improve engagement.

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1. When Employees are Happy, Business Booms – Only one quarter of the American workforce currently feels engaged. This article looks into why engagement is a corporate priority, and what real engagement looks like. Read More

2. This Is the Science Behind Thriving Workplace Cultures –By harnessing the power of people analytics, leaders can figure out how employees think, feel and behave in the workplace. Read More

3. 10 Leadership Quotes to Inspire You to Take Risks – In order for anyone to succeed in business, they must first learn how to be bold and take some risks. These quotes are intended to inspire you to do just that. Read More

4. Creating a Digital Workplace? Maybe You’re Doing it All Wrong

The Economic Times – A lot of organizations around the world are attempting to create a digital workplace—and rightly so—but they often have the basic strategy wrong. Read More

5. A Leader’s Role in Improving Engagement – You can look at performance metrics to improve employee engagement, but it often means nothing if leaders are not getting involved. Read More

6. Taming Your Turnover Rate: Learning the Art of Accommodation – Engagement is important in preventing high employee turnovers, which can be very expensive. Read More

7. 3 Steps to Building an Amazing Employee Referral Program – While other perks are a draw for potential employees, the most important factor of all is the people they work with. These steps will help increase engagement and reduce turnover. Read More

8. Managing a Complex Workforce Effectively – Industries are evolving rapidly, making businesses more complex and difficult to manage than ever before. Here are some tips for doing so effectively. Read More

9. 5 Tips to Build a Better Wellness Program – Investing in an employee wellness program can be incredibly beneficial and and effective way to increase engagement. Read More

10. Let’s Get Personal: A New Kind of Employee Onboarding – When it comes to employee onboarding, one size does not fit all. Personalized engagement is essential from the outset. Read More