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Engagement Weekly: Find, Hire and Retire Top Talent

Learn about the latest in employee engagement within various industries. This week’s roundup of articles explains how to attract, find, hire, and keep top talent. Find out how to ask employees what really matters and what things truly do motivate workers.

Get the full stories below.

1. 3 Reasons Why Employee Engagement Isn’t Enough – Barry S. Saltzman, CEO of Saltzman Enterprise Group, shows why your employees aren’t afraid to jump ship if you can’t give them a meaningful reason to stay on board. That reason goes far beyond the catch phrase “Employee Engagement.” Read More

2. On Your Next Employee Engagement Survey, Don’t Ask Employees If They’re ‘Satisfied’ – Mark Murphy, Founder of Leadership IQ and New York Times best selling author, breaks down how weak survey questions foster weak employees. Read More

3. Top 10 Tech Solutions to Help Overcome Your Engagement Woes – Matthew Kosinski, online editor of, breaks down the newest tech tools like Slack and TinyPulse to help actually engage your employees. Read More

4. 7 First Steps to Increase Employee Engagement – Can you confidently say yes to these 2 questions? Are your employees passionate about their jobs? Do they come to the office happy and eager to work? If not, check out how to change and fast.

5. The Secret Formula to Making Workplace Incentives Work – According to a study by the European Economic Review, monetary incentives alone actually decrease performance, the question is what workplace incentives actually do increase performance? Read More

6. Attract Top Talent: Show Them You Have What They Want – Andre Lavoie, CEO of ClearCompany, uses a study published by Software Advice to show what potential employees are searching for in a potential company. Make sure you are articulating the right pain points to get the best talent. Read More

7. Managing young people: the business where most employees retire at 20 – Serve Legal has employed more than 10,000 teenagers and 97% of those teenagers said working for the company was a positive experience. See how Serve Legal is fostering top teenage talent. Read More

8. 5 Leadership Behaviors Loyal Employees Trust – Getting employee trust doesn’t mean treating everyone the same. Employees are more likely to respond positively to change when the process used to manage change is fair. Read More

9. Ranking: The Most Highly Engaged And Satisfied Workers by Country – A recent study published by Steelcase found India has the highest number of engaged and satisfied employees, see where other economy leading countries rank.

10. When you should invest – and when you should fire – a worker – One simple litmus test about any employee can help you decide whether to invest in employees or to move on. Read More