Training Needs

We get it. You’ve been tasked with a new training program. And your success depends upon it.


You know your company and your learners are unique, and a one-size-fits-all training is not going to cut it.


Your training needs a custom training solution for a specific type of training, so AllenComm is the place to go. We know how to create training that addresses business goals while working with your distinct, individual learners. Because we’ve been in business for more than 35 years, AllenComm has seen every type of training request, and we’ve done it all. Although each company’s needs are different, the training solutions fall into a few main types that we’d love to help you with.



Did you just go through a rebrand? Acquire a new company? Realize your global learners do not all understand the brand? In a world where your brand sets you apart (and where one comment can go global on social media), a cohesive brand vision is critical. The right training solution can unite your employees—giving them one voice and one message.


We take boring to beautiful. How many compliance meetings turn into clock watching, and the only thing accomplished is is the box is checked? AllenComm’s expert instructional designers create engaging content where you didn’t know it was possible. Competition means your learners are interacting with each other and the training, and follow-up tools help you reinforce and assess knowledge.


The line that once existed between internal and external education is gone. Consumers are more educated than ever. To shape the message customers get, you need to be the credible source of information they turn to when looking at a new purchase.


Whatever the issue, creating the right employee training can help your team achieve better results. Whether it’s performance issues, knowledge transfer, or essential job functions, training can help your employees develop key behaviors to address your company needs.


Because every company is unique, each organization also has individual safety needs. Custom safety training programs developed around each company’s business goals, challenges, and culture lay the foundation for success. Safety training can be anything from flight safety to systems, hazmat, or drug and alcohol policies. We custom-fit training to you because we know what’s at stake: liability, reputation, morale, and employee safety.


If you want to stand out, you need a training solution made for your team. Through our consultative model, we come to understand your needs, your goals, and we can help you get results. We create activities that challenge your leadership and build future leaders, changing behavior and thought patterns rather than boring them with something they’ve all seen before.


Onboarding can seem simple, but when designed well, it gets employees excited about the company, helps them understand your brand and processes, and gets them up to speed quickly. Amazing onboarding means they end the first week thinking, “I made a great move!”


AllenComm is flipping the idea that marketing is simply external. With beautiful, dual-purposed assets, your team has the information they need to talk to clients, check fact sheets on the go, demonstrate an interactive graphic in a sales meeting, or use a wizard to match client needs with products.


No system is alike. That is why AllenComm has spent hundreds of hours analyzing how to distill complex systems into clear training. We take systems training from a basic understanding to true application. And we can do that for you.


What if your sales team is new? What if you’re growing quickly? What if your knowledge base is retiring? So many things can affect your sales team that you need effective training in place. We help you identify the motivations, critical thinking, and knowledge your sales team needs to change behaviors. Creative sales training lets you change behavior through small, easily understood pieces of information, with a competitive element and accessible product knowledge. And we can do all of that with real-time access.


To get a solution that really fits the type of training you need, basic off-the-shelf isn’t going to cut it. Allen knows training and can create the tools to meet your specific challenges. Let’s talk.

Are you ready to build a custom training fit for your needs?