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Empowering Employees To Shape Customer Experience With Measurement-Driven Learning

When it comes to Customer Experience transformation, L&D professionals need to develop CX training strategies based on change management principles and plans. So, which is the best approach in order to ensure positive results? And, more importantly, which learner-related metrics are the most important for L&D professionals? If you want to get the answer, join AllenComm in this session and learn how to empower your learners with measurement-driven learning initiatives for meaningful CX transformation!

Empowering Employees To Shape Customer Experience With Measurement-Driven Learning

Recent Gartner research has indicated that 75% of B2B organizations and 65% of B2C organizations need to enlist change management to help employees realize and optimize their influence on Customer Experience. Any type of change initiative relating to CX should factor in how the learning strategy will support change management and the needed business impact. While stakeholders sometimes assume that optimal training for a new approach to CX is onboarding, an early analysis might reveal otherwise: the training type that would better yield business impact could be leadership, brand, compliance, sales, or a combination. Before determining this, decision-makers and learning professionals should consider six conditions within the organization regarding the CX transformation to map CX learning to the targeted business metrics. But how do we sustain Customer Experience performance in tandem with ongoing change after formal training, routinely measuring its impact on the business?

In this webinar, you’ll apply actionable insights to your organization through a recent case study in which change management ushered a large, global organization through a rapid and revolutionized Customer Experience training, leading to almost immediate positive performance measurement.

Join this session and learn how to:

  • Analyze the six conditions before setting a Customer Experience transformation learning strategy.
  • Identify why any learning project should start with a change management analysis and plan.
  • Determine what training type and framework strategy best lead to more targeted improvement on Customer Experience metrics.
  • Map learning solutions to Customer Experience transformation metrics and Kirkpatrick’s four levels of measurement, and articulate this to other stakeholders and decision-makers.
  • Establish learners, managers, and decision-makers as change agents, crucial to how the learning journey manages the change.
  • Design the learning, manager support, and documented measurement to show that post-training performance can positively track with ongoing change.

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Meet the Speaker:

Dr. Kate Worlton-Pulham is a Senior Performance Consultant for AllenComm, with which she has designed learning and professional development ecosystems for diverse Fortune 500 clients in the financial, consulting, airline, manufacturing, health and beauty, food services, and banking industries. She has also served as Director of Executive Training for media outlets and business leadership firms. She is the Executive Director for Education Weekend: The Tradition of Enquiry, held annually at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, where she served as a professor in English Language and Literature, and where she received Ph.D. and MPhil degrees.