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Case Study: Making Your Retail Employees Brand Ambassadors

Branding Challenge

Across the globe, 59% of consumers buy new products from brands already familiar to them. A global commercial and consumer machine manufacturer came face to face with this sobering statistic when they realized that many of their employees did not accurately understand, value, or represent the company’s brand. As they delved further into this issue, they began to realize that the problem wasn’t localized to one branch of the company, but was spread out among multiple divisions across all levels of their infrastructure. Compounding the problem was the fact that the internal training team tasked with solving the problem also had to upgrade their technically limited five-year-old content portal. They needed a learning and development company with the capability to create and deliver solutions at scale, one which had the breadth and depth of experience to create a fresh new universally relevant and engaging training solution.

Brand Training Solution

After a comprehensive strategy and design analysis, AllenComm recommended a unique comprehensive training experience that builds context for learners, provides tangible brand examples, contains practical exercises, and ends with employee growth in brand awareness. The training was customized for learners based on their roles and used an open-navigation design to allow for adaptive learning. AllenComm also created an achievement-based virtual design in which learners earn points for completing activities. The company’s brand team seamlessly integrated a custom AllenComm portal solution into their own Brand Portal to deliver the training.

Brand Training Results

The brand training experiences were well received by learners and by the Brand Team, and the company found AllenComm’s custom LMS Solution to be just what they needed. The results of the initial training were so impressive that the company commissioned AllenComm to design and develop two additional training initiatives. The first was geared toward broadening the Brand Ambassador program, and the second was designed to educate employees of their dealer network about the value and proper usage of the company’s global brand.

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