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What it Takes to Get a 5-star eLearning Course

elearning coursesWe see quality ratings everywhere these days. Everyone wants the credibility of a 5-star rating, but how can you know if something is really quality? At Allen, we ensure that everything we produce is held to the highest standard of quality—we do that by setting up many, many checkpoints in our production process. These checkpoints do more than check for comma use and misspelled words. For example, when developing our interactive elearning courses, our quality checks cover the instructional design integrity, the visual design standards, and the programming soundness. Of course, we also make sure the sentences aren’t fragmented and the modifiers aren’t dangling.

In order to recognize the quality work being produced day in and day out, we regularly run internal Quality Campaigns. The current campaign runs through the end of October. Our instructional design teams, artists, and programmers have been making goals and tracking the overall quality of deliverables. There is a lot of stiff competition and each team is dedicated to producing quality work. We may have multiple winners!

For this iteration of the campaign, we posted four signs around the office to get everyone thinking about how important quality is. What types of programs or initiatives have you done to ensure that quality is maintained at your organization?

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