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Allen Communication Learning Services Contributes to IT Leadership Turnaround for Fortune 500 Company

SALT LAKE CITY (July 14, 2009) — Improving leadership skills is important in any industry, especially as senior management allows room for fresh new faces to filter in. But what do you do to transfer knowledge down the line and still maintain the excellence in leadership that keeps you at the top? This was one company’s question when they first came to AllenComm.

The company wanted to redesign their IT program to reflect the changing atmosphere of new faces, as well as incorporate better learning strategies, functional excellence requirements, and behavioral shifts in department relations.

Based on these mission critical needs, AllenComm went to work conducting and analyzing interviews and surveys, as well as attending the existing leadership training regime. What AllenComm uncovered was a need for IT leaders to feel inspired, feel safe to take risks, and think outside the box rather than safeguard. To move IT leaders in this new direction, AllenComm recommended a blended four phased progression to highlight leadership development as an important process. These four phases consisted of virtual pre-work, residential sessions, workplace applications, and a follow-up forum coupled with an official graduation from the program.

After a few minor changes from the alpha class, the leadership training course rolled out at the beginning of 2008 with amazing success. Participants not only felt valued and confident, they saw that by changing their role from reactive to proactive, they could change how they were viewed by other departments.

By graduation, learners’ “feedback [was] ‘off the charts’ positive,” says the company’s Program Leader. With the evaluations scoring an average 4.54 out of five, this was by far one of this company’s most successful redesigns of a program, exceeding their own expectations of achievement.

About AllenComm

For over 25 years, Allen Communication Learning Services () has helped improve the training processes and methods of numerous Fortune 500 companies. With a rich history in training that started with the introduction of the world’s first commercial interactive videodisc system, today the company is recognized as a leader in custom training, e-learning, blended learning, and learning portal development. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, AllenComm’s mission is to align organizations’ training initiatives with their business objectives by developing the optimal learning solution for each organization.