See How ASLAN Training & Development Increased Learner Buy-in.


See How ASLAN Increased Learner Buy-in


Beautycounter is empowering sales consultants with the tools for success.


ASLAN sought to create a web-based companion course to their highly successful instructor-led sales workshop. ASLAN's unique proprietary approach to B2B sales, Other-Centered® Selling, was delivered exclusively in person over the course of multiple days. ASLAN recognized that a web-based companion course could introduce key principles, prime learners to participate in the workshop, and increase learner-buy in, ultimately helping their client's learners gain more from the experience. What's more, ASLAN could show the web-based course when recommending Other-Centered® Selling to prospective clients. To achieve all this, the course needed to preserve the dynamic and engaging nature of the instructor-led workshop and offer learners a host of authentic examples and scenarios that would resonate with them.


The AllenComm Solution

When designing the ASLAN course, AllenComm focused on translating the dynamic feel of ASLAN’s workshops into an online version. AllenComm incorporated personal stories and unexpected examples through interview-style videos of ASLAN thought leaders to breathe life into key concepts and deliver a unique and engaging training experience.

The course reflects real-world sales experiences and introduced each module with a stand-alone scenario that demonstrated the results from traditional sales techniques, then compared them to the proprietary techniques. Scenarios were provided throughout the course to help generate learner buy-in and allowed them numerous opportunities to practice applying the principals they have been taught.

To communicate the extensive experience of ASLAN’s team and the success of its approach, AllenComm built the course around carefully crafted, real-world scenarios. Through these scenarios, learners sit in the driver’s seat, practice applying what they’ve learned, and compare the results of traditional sales techniques to the superior outcomes of Other-Centered® Selling.



  • More workshop time can be focused on applying concepts to the learners’ real-life selling experiences and practicing vital skills in a social setting because learners enter the workshop with working knowledge of the key concepts of Other-Centered® Selling
  • Learners can access the companion course before or after the workshop at their convenience
  • Potential clients can get a taste of what Other-Centered® Selling has to offer


The course and activities are aimed to help new and existing Beautycounter consultants successfully:

  • Set themselves on a fast track for advancing to the Managing Director title with the guidance and resources they need
  • Prepare themselves for any client conversations by referencing product information, sales tactics, and built-in training tools at home or on the go
  • Self-evaluate and set goals by using the My Regimen action planner, which strengthens their critical thinking skills and extends the training journey far beyond the time spent taking the courses

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Gold Omni Award Other-Centered® Selling in Educational category

Silver Davey Award Other-Centered® Selling in Education for Websites category

Silver Davey Award Other-Centered® Selling in Training for Websites category

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