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Rapid Onboarding & Skill-Building


Onboarding programs, upskilling programs, reskilling programs; all are essential strategies for developing internal talent. And developing internal talent is imperative during times of rapid change. Chances are your employees’ responsibilities are quickly changing, and they’re now expected to perform novel tasks in ever-changing working conditions.

Fortunately, this new working environment provides your L&D team an opportunity to showcase your value by tackling a unique performance challenge during a pivotal moment! Your creative design solutions can enhance your skill-building offerings to help employees shift into more dynamic roles. In this session, we’ll discuss the innovative methods and modalities to transform your current trainings to maximize employees’ capabilities.

You’ll leave this session with the tools to:

1. Establish a Connection:

  • Incorporate messages of empathy as the new change management elixir
  • Boost morale in rapid and dynamic environments while creating meaningful connections to the new expectations

 2. Build Their Confidence:

  • Increase learner confidence to perform new skills whether they’ve been promoted, or their role has expanded to include more responsibilities
  • Create opportunities to build employees’ resilience to new, unfamiliar situations and tasks

 3. Support Their Contributions:

  • Incorporate autonomy by encouraging employees to own their learning and supply them with the right tools
  • Support employees’ continual growth to make meaningful contributions in new and expanding roles


Amy Weiland

Amy Weiland is a training and development expert with thirteen years of experience creating innovative learning solutions that help professionals achieve greater impact within their organizations. Her roles have ranged from Facilitator, Performance Consultant, Director of Training and Development, and Vice President of Development. Amy’s creative yet pragmatic approach to corporate training has positively contributed to the training ecosystems of Fortune 500 organizations including Verizon, Metlife, General Electric, Panera, Nordstrom, and Walmart. Using her educational background in Psychology, Amy creates learning experiences that promote behavioral change and provides tools for creating healthy, effective social dynamics.

Anne Allen

Anne Allen is an award-winning performance consultant at AllenComm in Salt Lake City. Anne goes beyond training to implement long-term business solutions for Fortune 500 companies. With a passion to engage learners and shatter the norm, Anne collaborates with L&D departments nationwide to spark excitement and confidence in their employees. Her experience ranges from creating thought-provoking, instructor-led compliance training for millennials to cutting-edge web-based experiences for clinicians.

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