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3 Exciting Presentations You Don’t Want to Miss

If you’ve attended any of the larger training conferences (e.g., ATD ICE, DevLearn, TechLearn, etc.) in the last two years, then chances are you’ve walked by a bright orange booth with our logo on it. Hopefully, you had a few minutes to stop and connect with the AllenComm team, learn more about our custom learning solutions, and share your learning goals and training challenges.

These conferences are a great opportunity to showcase the award-winning training solutions built for AllenComm clients throughout the year. But the sessions also offer a platform to present thought leadership around subject-specific training (i.e., onboarding, compliance, leadership development, etc.), new learning technology, and instructional design best practices.

Here are a few of the upcoming presentations that you won’t want to miss:

Learning 2019

Impactful Learning through Modeling Videos and Meaningful Interactions for Healthcare Practitioners

Agencies that provide behavioral healthcare are under high demand to identify and provide effective treatment to individual clients. Learners don’t have a lot of time to sit through an instructor-led training (ILT) or even an hour-long web-based training either. So, in order to create an engaging digital learning experience that would fit the needs of a diverse learner population (i.e., (social workers, psychologists, rehabilitation specialists), the Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene (RFMH) partnered with AllenComm to build a custom compliance training solution. Paul Margolies, Ph.D., Associate Director for Practice Innovation and Implementation at RFMH will be discussing our solution during his session at Learning 2019. Attendees will learn how:

  • A platform can be set up to deliver ongoing performance support with micro-modules and a resource library
  • Learning assets can be used to create awareness, knowledge, and interest in a new way of providing treatment
  • Storyline 360 can be used to create an interactive learning experience that meets a variety of learner needs
  • Video can be used to model behavior in real-life scenarios

Continuous Improvement and Compliance Training: How a Large Healthcare Technology Company Strategically Used Training

After a multi-billion-dollar joint venture, the Change Healthcare L&D team was tasked with developing a single code of conduct that reflected their new culture and identity. This program was going to be the catalyst for future branding, culture, and customer retention initiatives, so typical off-the-shelf training content simply wouldn’t suffice. Pete Stycos, VP of Enterprise Learning at Change Healthcare, worked with AllenComm to design this strategic compliance training within the larger change management initiative to promote transformational behavior change among their employees.

In this session Pete will discuss how to: 

  • Re-think your compliance training completely to include brand and culture
  • Use training as a catalyst for strategic change initiatives
  • Apply continuous improvement to reinforce the behaviors that make up the culture with enabling technologies, content updates, and new challenges

Rapid Onboarding in the Age of Digital Transformation

Anna Sargsyan, Chief Learning Officer, and Ron Zamir, AllenComm CEO will be presenting together at Learning 2019. Their session will cover the impact of digital transformation (DT) on the employee development industry. DT is the #1 concern of senior executives, but 70% of all DT initiatives don’t reach their goals. By reorienting the onboarding process to take advantage of digital resources, organizations can streamline their onboarding procedures and cultivate digital literacy while also achieving their projected DT goals. This session will explore practical ways to:

  • Engage learners by personalizing their onboarding experience through a qualitative data-driven approach
  • Jumpstart the learning process by prioritizing content and training delivery methods for pre-boarding new hires
  • Optimize onboarding by integrating learning into everyday work through accessible on-demand resources

Connect with Our Team

If you’re going to Learning 2019, or any other upcoming events, then be sure to connect with our AllenComm team while you’re there. Whether that means stopping by our booth at the expo or sitting in on one of our presentations, we would love to meet you.