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Getting Your Employees the Guidance They Need When They Need It

This was originally published on in February 2019.

We’ve all been there—the infamous furniture assembly meltdown. Your new desk came in a much smaller package than you thought possible, but you’re ready for the challenge. You lay out all the pieces, and the directions seem so simple. But suddenly, things take a turn. Despite their intuitive, user-friendly design, there are times you just want to watch the process happen. If you could only see how the instructions move from one page to the next, you’d be set. Instead, you try a few things, make a few mistakes, and waste a bunch of time.

Anyone who has had to learn something new can find themselves in a situation like this—and not just when it comes to putting furniture together. No matter how detailed the directions are, many questions about a process still loom, and most of us stall until we reluctantly move forward.

For businesses, it can be much worse than a delay in building furniture. Confusion over regular processes can interrupt critical business flow, impacting the bottom line. Companies have been looking for a way to intervene in this frustrating process for some time now. Enter: The Siteline app from AllenComm, a performance support platform that is a combination of augmented reality, location- and context-specific troubleshooting, and custom learning content.

Performance Support in the Workflow

For manufacturing companies and other businesses with complicated in-person workflows, errors annually cost billions in noncompliance, employee downtime, factory maintenance, product quality, and staffing turnover.

Many of these errors are related to a lack of training that “sticks.” With Siteline, employees can use tablets or mobile devices to follow along with a demonstration while also looking at the actual piece of machinery or process being discussed. Add in the ability to construct 3D interactive models, and you get more hands-on training with much less risk. Siteline boosts both competence and confidence.

Siteline is a cinch for quick onboarding and training, but much of its functionality is beneficial to everyday workflows as well. Having a 3D service content library at your fingertips is a clever way to improve machine maintenance. Employees working on factory floors can be armed with self-diagnostic power, able to identify an issue and catch up on its solution with minimal downtime.

Managers enjoy the higher visibility into efficiency and productivity that Siteline provides. The app’s unique capacity to capture user actions, combined with its ability to integrate information into in-person situations, brings all stakeholders to a higher sense of trust.

Users have already indicated that using Siteline improves their efficiency. At one company that implemented the app as part of a pilot program, 86 percent of users agreed that Siteline assisted them in doing their jobs faster and with fewer errors; 75 percent of users in the same trial agreed they would be more likely to use Siteline for instructions compared to their former system.

Whether it’s assembling a new chair or troubleshooting heavy machinery, it’s important to have the guidance you need. The advancement of AR and VR technologies has made guidance more intuitive and accessible than ever. Digital performance support like Siteline can improve employees’ learning experience and give them a competitive edge. Learn more about Siteline here