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Engagement Weekly: Big Data and Human Resources

Learn about the latest in employee engagement within various industries. This week’s influential authors look at the ways in which HR is changing, how involved leadership needs to be (a lot), and a few changes in hiring practices across the board.

Get the full stories below.

1. Want to Double Your Employee Loyalty? Science Says Provide These 3 Things – Humans only need to feel safe, feel like we belong and feel like we matter. Employers who provide these three things will see much higher retention rates. Read More

2. How To Improve Performance With Better HR Metrics – How do you measure engagement or the effect of a training program? Data based on continuous feedback is providing new answers. Read More

3. 4 Questions to Determine the Right Leadership Development Goals – In order to properly track the success of leadership development programs, you need to set effective, specific goals. Read More

4. The Business Case for Keeping Your Customer Service Employees Happy

Groove – There are many benefits to looking after your support team. Here are the biggest ones. Read More

5. How analytics is slowly replacing the human in HR

ComputerWorld – From recruitment to sentimental analysis, many companies are effectively channeling big data in their organizations for smoother and faster work. Read More

6. Your Satisfaction Surveys are Wasting Time

Grass Roots – Impersonal, too long, too many, irrelevant, targeting the wrong people with the wrong questions—what is going wrong with your satisfaction surveys? And how can you fix it? Read More

7. Why company culture isn’t just HR’s responsibility

Built In Colorado – When defining culture, leaders set direction and tone, and without executive buy-in, culture initiatives may as well not exist at all. Read More

8. Highly Regulated Industries Try Employee Advocacy on Social

AdvertisingAge – Now that two-thirds of the global workforce is under 35 years of age, marketers have begun using social-savvy employees for advocacy efforts. Read More

9. 3 Key Predictors of Success in Employee Wellbeing Programs

Employee Benefit Adviser – Three leading indicators can be used to measure the success of health and well-being programs at key points where engagement impacts outcomes. Read More

10. Most Wanted Entry Level Skills: Fresh Ideas and Enthusiasm – According to a new survey, over half of top hiring companies are looking for either fresh ideas or enthusiasm in prospective hires. Read More