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Spectrum Brands Partners With Allen to Develop Web-Based Training

Web-based training and data management portal help train retail garden counselors.

SALT LAKE CITY (July 16, 2003) — Allen Communication Learning Services, a leading provider of custom e-Learning solutions, today announced that it recently completed several hours of web-based training and developed a new custom data management portal for Spectrum Brands.

Spectrum Brands, a leading manufacturer and marketer of lawn, garden and insect control products, hires seasonal garden counselors to work in home centers like Home Depot and Lowe’s and provide customer support and education on Spectrum Brands products. These counselors supplement Spectrum Brands’ extensive sales force to ensure that it has the personnel required to effectively execute its customer-specific programs at retail, especially during the peak season. Spectrum Brands was interested in reducing the significant cost of providing effective and engaging, instructor-led training to these seasonal counselors.

To accomplish this, Spectrum Brands partnered with Allen Communication Learning Services. In the first phase of this e-learning initiative, AllenComm used their proprietary FastFlex rapid content development process to repurpose the instructor-led training into three hours of web-based training. AllenComm also created a custom data management portal that allows Spectrum Brands to manage student data and distribute web-based courses to a distributed workforce. The data portal and courses were rolled-out to the employees as they began the 2003 product season.

According to Mike Stevenson, director of courseware for Allen Communication, “Spectrum Brands was able to take full advantage of our FastFlex development process and learning portal development capabilities. Spectrum Brands will continue to enjoy significant cost-per-hour savings for custom content development without giving up interactivity, customization, and student data tracking.”

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