Auto Manufacturer Drives Meaningful Change with Diversity Training

<h1><span style="color: #ffffff">Auto Manufacturer Drives Meaningful Change with Diversity Training</span></h1>

It takes diverse teams working well together to innovate and drive an organization forward. So, how does a global leader in auto manufacturing develop and scale a transformative cultural shift toward greater diversity, equity and inclusion?

Our client needed training for group leaders, assistant managers, team members and HR professionals developed with the goal to create a community of care and concern in which all employees feel valued.


AllenComm performed an analysis for our client to explore their needs and determine options for a new customized diversity, equity and inclusion training that would include features to make it engaging and accessible. We designed a diversity training solution that included the latest micro-learning technology enhanced with world-class videos and motion graphics to be launched from the company app. We provided confidence-building real-world scenarios in our learning courses, as well as motivating gamification exercises and on-the-job performance supports to enable successful team communication. Because of the sensitive subject matter, our expert team of instructional designers created an adult learning experience personalized to engage, increase buy-in, and empower learners.


  • 2% increase in team member retention and a corresponding increase in productivity

  • 8% score increase on the annual morale survey

  • Creating a community of care and concern in which all employees feel valued