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Heightened levels of government scrutiny and a highly regulatory climate mean companies must be more vigilant than ever to protect its business, employees, and customers.

To accomplish this successfully requires a partner that brings innovation, scale, and credibility to the design and deployment of any training solution. That’s where AllenComm comes in.


Case Study

AllenComm’s training solution met all IHEA requirements and included an 8-hour training experience featuring interactive challenges, realistic video, and illustrated characters, and opportunities to earn achievement badges.

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Online compliance training is like that humdrum neighbor who comes over for dinner. You know you’re going to have to make it through the meal, but it doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy it. But what if your employees actually got excited about mandatory compliance training? This article highlights the top 6 compliance training hurdles and how to overcome them.

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We have developed best practices in creative compliance training that are designed to enhance critical thinking.

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Learn how we help organizations achieve better business results with our custom employee training and development solutions.