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Using Video and Tech to Enhance Workplace Culture

This article was originally published on August 21, 2017 on HR Zone.

Technology is rapidly becoming an integral part of the way companies engage, inspire, and motivate their employees.  While unwise use of technology can cause distractions and overwhelm employees, using technology the right way fosters an atmosphere of organization, collaboration, and teamwork.

Here are a few key areas where the right technology can improve your company culture.

Highlighting values

Video is a medium particularly suited to highlighting company culture and core values in an upfront and personable way. You can broadcast your company purpose and message while showcasing personality and highlighting the passion people have for their jobs.

A good company culture video will explain and demonstrate the vision of the company, show a positive work environment and opportunities for growth, and create buzz among not only your employees, but those in the industry like Twitter’s recruiting video does.

Improving communication

Goodbye office memo! Today’s workforce looks for give and take in their communication mediums. In our personal lives, we have become accustomed to accessing the people or information we want or need at a moment’s notice and employees expect the same accessibility at work.

Companies and managers use survey tools to gauge employee satisfaction, determine the best time for meetings, or decide where to order lunch. Message groups and social channels are used to instantly share ideas and get and give quick feedback.

Programs like Asana can help you assign tasks, make notes, and track progress in real time to keep both managers and practitioners in the loop on any given project.


Interactive training that includes elements of video, gamification, activity-based learning, and mobile capabilities is becoming the gold standard in employee onboarding and development.

Microlearning modules let you tailor training to individual employee groups that can be completed at their own pace. Video and simulation are particularly effective in engaging employees in training. An employee can see how a particular process should be accomplished and try their hand at the steps themselves. This kind of learning leads to better understanding and retention.

Motivation, rewards, and recognition

Gamification has become an increasingly popular way to motivate employees to meet a deadline or complete mundane tasks. Employees and departments can enter into friendly competitions that encourage top performance and best practices.

New recognition software types have changed the way we give employees a pat on the back. Software made to collect peer praise, manager feedback and objectives alignment in platforms that deliver continuous feedback for employees.

Scalable, adaptable cloud-based programs like Globoforce can help you recognize achievement, acknowledge anniversaries, reinforce positive work practices or encourage healthy lifestyles. Some programs can create tailored incentives to reward individual employees in ways that speak to their interests and preferences.

Using technology to your advantage can help you increase employee engagement and productivity in a way that leads to greater employee satisfaction. Well-trained and connected employees are happier and do better at their jobs. Both you, and your customers, will notice the difference.