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Engagement Weekly: Getting the Most Out Of Your Plan

Learn about the latest in employee engagement within various industries. This week’s influential authors look at some examples of companies with good engagement, as well as how to maximize the effectiveness of your employee engagement plans.

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1. Why the Millions We Spend on Employee Engagement Buy Us So Little

Harvard Business Review – Most employee engagement initiatives don’t work because they don’t last. They’re short-term activities. Here are some tips to make the effects of employee engagement last longer. Read More

2. Are Employee Engagement and Employee Motivation the Same Thing

Forbes – The short answer? No. This article sheds some light on the more nuanced differences between employee engagement and employee motivation. Read More

3. Reward Gateway Launches World’s First Employee Engagement Skill For Amazon Alexa

TechWorld – Reward Gateway made a new tool that works with Amazon’s Alexa to help with employee engagement. Read More

4. What SoulCycle Can Teach You About Employee Engagement

GlassDoor –  Here’s a case study that analyzes the tactics and methods SoulCycle uses to engage its customer base and how you can apply those same methods to your workforce. Read More

5. 8 Questions You Need To Ask In Your Employee Engagement Survey

Impraise Blog – Not all employee engagement surveys are created equal. Here’s some suggestions to make your engagement survey as useful as possible. Read More

6. Rise in UK Employers Using Wellbeing Strategies to Improve Employee Engagement and Work Culture

HR News – This is an interesting study which connects wellbeing methods and strategies with employee engagement. Read More

7. How Leadership Can Impact Employee Engagement and Retention

Chief Executive – Sometimes you need to develop employee engagement. Sometimes you need to find it when hiring people. Here are some characteristics to look for when finding more people. Read More

8. When You Have a Truly Engaged Employee, Thank the Family

Entrepreneur – Sometimes work is an individual matter. Sometimes it’s a family matter. This article looks into ways the family can be involved in the employee’s work. Read More

9. When Your Employees Want You  To Really “See” Them

TLNT – Employee engagement can be hard. But sometimes it’s pretty simple. Here are some simple ways to encourage your employees simply by seeing them. Read More

10. How to Get the Most From Your Employee Engagement Budget

Simply Thank You Corporate – Okay. You set aside money for an employee engagement budget but you don’t want to waste that money. Here’s to get the biggest bang for your budget’s buck. Read More