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Engagement Weekly: Ways for Leaders to Increase Engagement

Learn about the latest in employee engagement within various industries. This week’s influential authors look at some various ways for leaders to increase, understand and measure engagement.

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1. The 4 Vital Keys to Developing Others

Forbes – If you want your investment in development to flourish, then train your leaders to use these skills to help every employee have the positive growth experience they need and deserve. Read More

2. 6 Tips for Getting Real Answers From Your Employees

TalentCulture – How do you know that your employees are answering honestly and not just saying what they think their managers want to hear? Read More

3. 8 Cost-Free Ways for Leaders to Increase Employee Engagement

atlaz – Less engagement means more turnover, less focus and productivity, and greater healthcare costs. Here are some cheap ways to increase it. Read More

4. Employee Engagement – Why is Your Boat Still Sinking? [Video]

YouTube –  Only 32.5% of employees are currently engaged and close to 2 out of 10 are actively disengaged according to 2016 Gallup research. This video provides valuable insights for you personally, as well as for your organization. Read More

5. MBO Examples to Kickstart Your Employee Engagement

Xactly – When was the last time you thought to check in on the goals you set for your employees? Even better, when is the last time you followed-through and actually turned that thought into action? Read More

6. Do You Even Know What Employee Engagement Is?

Business2Community – Employee engagement, for starters, is one of several factors that goes into a healthy culture, not something that you hope for after the fact. Read More

7. 5 Simple Tactics That Will Improve Employee Engagement and Retention

The Recruitment Network – Recruitment companies that act positively, stay true to their word, set targets, create incentives and train and motivate their staff will find they not only have a happy and engaged workforce but a high performing workforce. Read More

8. Richard Branson: The Best Way to Engage Employees

Virgin – Getting the best out of your employees and getting them to engage with the business can be tricky at times. Virgin founder Richard Branson shares his top tip. Read More

9. Stop Measuring Employee Engagement – It is time to stop measuring the engagement of our people and time to start measuring the 4 C’s of engagement of our leadership. Read More

10. New Technology Key to Employee Engagement, Employer Success

Forbes – Technology is truly valuable to employees when it creates opportunities to learn new skills, build relationships and develop careers, when it acts as a tool to help people be more engaged.  Read More