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Engagement Weekly: Engagement ROI

Learn about the latest in employee engagement within various industries. This week’s influential authors look at the return on investment of good employee engagement, as well as a few reasons behind underperforming characters, and some engagement strategies.

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1. 5 Pillars of Successful Employee Engagement

BizJournals – As the job market continues to gradually improve, employers are being held by their staff to new standards for positive and engaging workplace experiences. Read More

2. Employee Engagement: Beyond the “Honeymoon” Period

Any Perk – What happens after the 6-month mark, when the “honeymoon” is over and employees are just a little bit less excited about your organization and their roles? Read More

3. Grub in the Hub – Moving the Needle on Employee Engagement

Picatic – Information regarding a panel containing a group of experts on engagement in the tech industry.

4. 10 Reasons the Smartest Employees are Underperforming

Forbes –  While the source of motivation at work is different for everyone, there may be some key reasons smart employees are underperforming. Here’s what the experts said. Read More

5. Measuring Employee Engagement and Its Cost

OfficeVibe – A look at the real cost and benefits of employee engagement, featuring an engagement ROI calculator. Read More

6. Deliver the Business Benefits of Employee Engagement

TheHRDirector – At an organizational level what should we be doing as HR professionals to support increased productivity, and how can employee engagement be delivered and evidenced to provide value? Read More

7. 11 Things Companies Can Do To Improve Their Employees’ Quality of Life

Forbes – It’s an employee’s market these days, meaning workers have more opportunity to shop for the right job based on their needs. Read More

8. Employee Engagement Crisis: How to Inspire and Motivate your Employees [Infographic]

Biz Epic – The graphic portrays employee engagement to the theme of the popular Netflix show Stranger Things. It reveals what happens when workers are disengaged and what employers can do to fight back against this trend. Read More

9. Thanksgiving—The First Employee Engagement Event

Fistful of Talent – Turns out, food is a pretty good engagement driver. Read More

10. 5 Digital Best Practices for a Brilliant Engagement Strategy

Neosperience – New horizons mean new patterns and parameters, and that is where these five digital best practices come in. Read More