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Engagement Weekly: Employee Engagement by Generation

Learn about the latest in employee engagement within various industries. This week’s influential authors look at how to adjust hiring and engagement practices for different generations, as well as some different ways to look at engagement, and some unorthodox practices for engagement surveys.

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1. Breaking Through the Employee Engagement Ceiling

InnovationOne – There has been little improvement in employee engagement since the year 2000, except in the high tech industry. What can we learn?

2. How You Can Improve Employee Engagement and Productivity

Vistage – In this video, leading communication and employee engagement coach Don Rheem shows you how to engage and energize your workforce. Read More

3. How HR Can Recruit For IT Departments of the Future

TalentCulture – Millennials are now the largest generation in today’s workforce, and they are transforming traditional business practices. Read More

4. Gamification – The Game Changer for Employee Engagement & Business Goals

LinkedIn – Organizations have to recognize and understand generational differences and leverage them to achieve the company’s vision in the right place, at the right cost. Gamification is the way to do that. Read More

5. Southwest Airlines: A Case Study in Employee Engagement – Through incorporating employees into the creative decision making process, Southwest has created a more authentic brand. Read More

6. Marriott International Shares Its Secret to Driving Employee Engagement

LinkedIn Talent Blog – We’ve heard time and time again that organizations with engaged employees are more successful. But Marriott International has the data to back it up. Read More

7. Why Middle Managers are Secretly the Superheroes of the Workplace – There are close to 11 million people in the U.S. working in a non-executive “middle” management role, and they have real leverage when it comes to inspiring success. Read More

8. Getting Serious About Employee Engagement

Forbes – Job satisfaction is a measure of how employees feel about what they get from their employer. Employee engagement is more about what (or why) they give to the employer and the mission. Read More

9. 4 Reasons to Abandon Anonymity in Employee Surveys

Fistful of Talent – When it comes to feedback, anonymity is less effective, and frankly, out of style in today’s workplace. Removing anonymity can improve the overall experience and effectiveness. Read More

10. 3 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

CIO – Are you getting everything you can from your focus on employee engagement? You may make more impact by rewiring how you think about it. Read More