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Engagement Weekly: Avoiding Bad Engagement Strategies

Learn about the latest in employee engagement within various industries. This week’s influential authors look at some of common engagement strategies to avoid, as well some techniques to boost your employees and avoid commitment fatigue.

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1. The Mystical Concept of Employee Engagement

HR Business Direction – Employers want employees who are positive towards the organization, but too often they try to throw money at the situation when engagement is the real problem.

2. Gamification: Playing Your Way to Better Employee Engagement – Engagement inspires better performance, less turnover, and fewer absences. Gamification is an effective way to increase engagement. Read More

3. Star Systems on Steroids: Why They Hurt Employee Engagement

ConnectionCulture – The prevalence and extreme nature of star systems today contribute to widespread employee disconnection and disengagement. Here’s why. Read More

4. On Your Next Employee Engagement Survey Don’t Ask Employees If They’re “Satisfied”

LeadershipIQ – Satisfaction is a weak concept that is not accurate for measure and improving engagement. Read More

5. How Commitment Fatigue Undermines Your Business – Passion for your work is a good thing, but pursuit of it could lead to commitment fatigue, which could deplete your focus and harm your business. Read More

6. Why You Need to Be Offering Mindfulness Programs to Your Employees

OfficeVibe – Having emotionally intelligent employees is important because they’ll treat their coworkers and your customers better. Mindfulness programs can boost emotional intelligence. Read More

7. The 4 Behaviors that Separate Thriving Reps From Struggling Ones [Infographic]

HubSpot Blog – There are four main behaviors that allow some employees to thrive while other struggle: Goal-setting, reflection, collaboration, and being helpful.

8. Want a More Productive Workforce? Invest in These 3 Things – While there are subjective factors that contribute to employee engagement, your actual work environment can provide tangible factors that drive engagement and productivity as well. Read More

9. 8 Ways to Keep Your Workplace Fresh and Your Employees Productive – How do you keep your workplace fresh to avoid employee boredom and all the ills that come with it? The experts share their answers. Read More

10. Have You Included Retention Strategies in Your Game Plan?

BDO – The need for robust retention strategies is all the more important as economic conditions improve. Here are a few successful retention methods. Read More