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Engagement Weekly: Creating Brand Ambassadors Through Engagement

Learn about the latest in employee engagement within various industries. This week’s influential authors look into the importance of “offboarding” programs, how leadership impacts employee morale and how management can give a sense of purpose to the job.

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1. Mobile-Optimise Work Environments Drive Measurable Higher Employee Engagement and Business Performance – A study done by Aruba showed that “companies rated by employees as ‘pioneers’ in how they support mobile technology, saw a rise in productivity (16%), creativity (18%), satisfaction (23%) and loyalty (21%), when compared to organizations that were poorly rated at supporting mobile technology.” Read More

2. Great Place to Work in 2016 Rankings Reveal That a Sense of Purpose is Key – A key driver of sustainable engagement is a deep sense of purpose, clear mission and strong organizational values. Read More

3. 3 Trends From the Leading-Edge of Workplace Design – Looking into current workplace trends, from innovative technology to discipline integration, can help employers grow their employees and business overall. Read More

4. The Devil at the Desk: Destructive Bosses – When leadership and managers are fully engaged, the more likely employees will be as well. Read More

5. What About Offboarding? – It’s important for employees to put in effort in their offboarding programs so they stay good brand ambassadors. Read More

6. The Future of Employee Benefits: Employee Giving Programs – Effective corporate giving programs will continue to positively influence employee engagement in the coming years. Read More

7. Want Happy Customers? Satisfy Your Employees – A great way to engage employees is to focus on their career goals and help them develop important skills. Read More

8. When It Comes to Employee Engagement, What’s Your Keystone? – Companies shouldn’t approach employee engagement as a one size fits all, but look at keystones to build engagement tactics off of. Read More

9. How One Company Lost An “A” Player And What You Can Do To Avoid It – The employer and employee relationship needs to include aspects such as trust, good communication, transparency and career development. Read More

10. Google’s Plan to Keep Top Employee Talent Engaged – Google is creating innovative internal programs where they give employees a platform and invest in their own creativity and entrepreneurial ideas, all in order to retain top talent. Read More