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Engagement Weekly: Keeping Engagement Levels High During the Holidays

Learn about the latest in employee engagement within various industries. This week’s influential authors look into when to give (and not to give) employee feedback, how to keep engagement high before and after the holidays and making thank-you’s in the office more sincere.

Get the full stories below.

1. 3 Simple Strategies for Measuring Employee Engagement – Unengaged members can turn into an unmotivated team, so it’s important to measure engagement when possible. Read More

2. How Holiday Expectations Can Drastically Affect Employee Engagement – Learn to keep employee engagement levels high during the holiday season with trust, transparency and recognition. Read More

3. Employer Branding—A Journey, a Destination – Companies with good employee branding have better retention and creativity. Read More

4. What to Do When an Employee’s Passion Dwindles – Employee engagement is a two-way street where employees need to bring passion to the table and managers need to help them develop passion. Read More

5. No More Drive-by Thank-You’s – Thank-you’s are only powerful when they are sincere. Read More

6. How to Keep Employees Productive at the End of the Year – By setting new goals, tracking progress, recognition and focusing on the small stuff, employers can help keep employees productive. Read More

7. The Importance of Leadership on Employee Engagement – Leadership needs to have a culture based on trust and communication. Read More

8. Your Secret Employee Engagement Weapon – From respecting remote work to keeping employees in the loop, there are several things that can impact employee motivation. Read More

9. New Ideas for Employee Engagement: Just Ask – Managers need to ask employees how they want to be coached and then act on their input, in order to increase employee engagement. Read More

10. How Employee Feedback Impacts Employee Engagement – According to a German work study, “feedback is widely acknowledged to be central not only to employee motivation and performance, but also to job satisfaction.” Read More