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Engagement Weekly: Engagement Impacts Employee Advocacy

Learn about the latest in employee engagement within various industries. This week’s influential authors look into how organizations can develop better brand advocacy from employee engagement, social media’s impact on engagement and why employers should connect with employees on an emotional level.

Get the full stories below.

1. A Sea of Change in Employee Giving, New Report Finds – The company-employee relationships are changing thanks to new and better ways for employees to serve their community. Read More

2. An Easy Way to Engage Your Employees – A better way to increase employee engagement is to make your employees feel like owners at their jobs. Read More

3. Potluck Party Is Employee Engagement? – People drive company culture and should be a part of planning activities that boost employee engagement and relationships. Read More

4. To Attract and Retain Talent Focus on Your ‘Why’ – As an employer, focus on connecting with current and prospective employees on an emotional level. Read More

5. 6 Ways to Use Social Media for Employee Engagement – Social networks can influence workplace culture, build employee relationships and create better work. Read More

6. The 4 Things Employees Want Most From a Job Cost Nothing – From opportunities to grow to improving teamwork, there are many ways employers can grow engagement and motivation within their company. Read More

7. How Employee Engagement Drives Employee Advocacy, with Dave Hawley of SocialChorus – Organizations are better off engaging employees with the content employees need to grow rather than sending information employers want them to share. Read More

8. 33 Employee Engagement Ideas You Should Be Using – From company-wide to online engagement strategies, it’s important companies are putting in time and effort into engagement tactics. Read More

9. 5 Ways to Make Your Employees Your Greatest Brand Advocates – Employers need to take the time to lay the groundwork for successful employee-advocacy campaigns. Read More

10. HR Can Improve Business Results By Giving Managers These Three Things – HR should be focused on measurable results within an organization by supporting and supplying tools for managers. Read More