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Engagement Weekly: Is Your Current Management Style Working?

Learn about the latest in employee engagement within various industries. This week’s influential authors look into a more flexible management style, training employees to be better decision makers and unique ways to recognize employees.

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1. The Price of Poor Employee Engagement? Billions – A report from Gallup shows that poor employee engagement leads businesses to lose between $450 and $550 billion. Read More

2. 4 Reasons You Should Gather Employee Feedback to Boost Your Marketing – When employees are not engaged, they can send the wrong message about your organization and brand reputation. Read More

3. 100-Person Agency That Boasts a 100 Percent Employee-Retention Rate – It’s important to hire motivatived people that want to work hard and not just to become salespeople or managers. Read More

4. How Does Management Style Affect Employee Satisfaction? – The industrial-age management style is fading out for a more flexible management style that is necessary for today’s changing work environment as well as increasing employee engagement. Read More

5. How Can Companies Boost Employee Engagement? – For the international and multicultural workforce, better employee engagement relies on organizations speaking to their employees in a language they understand. Read More

6. Organizational Health: Measuring the Impact of Employee Value – A healthy work environment embodies many things, but the most important is a culture that values employees. Read More

7. How One Engaged Employee Can Create a Multitude of Flag-Waving Customers – It’s important to not only train employees, but trust them to make important decisions on their own. Read More

8. 5 Fun Ways Supervisors Can Recognize Employees – For supervisors, it’s important to always be creative and consistent with employee recognition. Read More

9. Is Your Team Starting to Look Like ‘The Walking Dead’? 3 Ways to Resurrect Team Morale – Small changes — from listening more to giving frequent feedback — can help organizations boost employee engagement. Read More

10. 7 Big Benefits of Giving Employees the Knowledge They Need – Employee self-service knowledge can increase engagement, profitability, productivity, consistency, culture, customer service and lessen frustration. Read More