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A Fun Look at Corporate Training Consulting: How Can We Train Your Crew?

At Allen we develop training solutions that contribute to our clients’ overarching business goals.  Our solutions always start with our proven Performance Mapping process. In honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19, we’d like to share our recent collaboration with Captain Calico Jack, captain of the Rusted Pearl. Enjoy!

Captain Calico has been building a solid reputation as a high-seas menace. But lately the coffers have been running low. He sits down with his first mate, Nellie Three Fingers, and they decide on a business goal: increase plunder by 30% before the stormy season.

Calico Jack began looking for opportunities to work toward his goal when he heard about treasure buried on Skull Island. If he and his crew can reach the treasure before anyone else, their plunder will help them achieve their business goal. In order for this to happen, Calico Jack needs to make sure everyone performs at their best. He will be taking on some new crew members, and he needs everyone to be prepared for whatever may happen on the voyage.

Calico Jack knew he needed some help in identifying the key behaviors that would most impact their overall performance and get them to the treasure, so he called on Allen.

After using our training consulting ANSWER analysis process, Allen and Calico Jack identified five main behaviors that need the most attention:

  • Navigating the high seas
  • Taking over other ships
  • Repairing and maintaining the ship
  • Attending to sick and injured crew members
  • Preventing mutiny

We looked back at the business goal and confirmed that these behaviors will help Calico and his crew reach their goal.

Let’s look at the summaries we came up with for how to train each behavior. We outlined the key skills that need to be developed, how to motivate the crew to develop these skills, and what the crew needs to know to change their behaviors.



See the Pirate Performance Map.