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Happy 25th to Marty Newey!

It’s Marty’s 25th anniversary at Allen, and we’re getting ready to celebrate (see below for details on the party). Over the years, Marty has kept us all entertained with his stories. Now, it’s our turn!  Please comment on this blog entry to post your congratulations and reminiscences. You can also contact Michael Noble at [email protected] if you have anything else to contribute (embarrassing photos, ancient screen captures, etc.).

Guest comment from Nancy and Rex Allen:

We’ve had a hard time coming up with just the right words to advance this celebration.  After all, our relationship with Marty has extended across most of a lifetime for Rex, and all of Marty’s lifetime for Nancy!  Not really possible to boil it all down into a paragraph.  So, with the hope that pictures do tell a story (we believe that, don’t we?), we found some glass plate daguerreotypes and worked for days to bring them into the digital era.

Here is Marty on the day we hired him.  Again, we were impressed, despite the fact that he wore the same jeans.  We mostly liked the briefcase and Converse All-stars.

And here is a promo shot we took just a month or so later for a company brochure.  Some said  the Transylvanian smile wouldn’t sell with our customers, but we found it charming.  Besides, his related stories were really quite entertaining.

And of course, you know the rest of the story.  He hired on as a temporary “Quester.”  Wasn’t Steve Cantwell in that group?  With Ken Brewer, Carl Miner and Dave Kern coming not long after.  Questing wasn’t really his greatest strength, however.  Too much talk and not enough pixel-pushing.  Then the story-telling thing sort of snapped into place.  Could he sell?  Could he sell!  With the rest of us, he sold things that didn’t even exist.  (That’s why we hired Ken, Carl, Dave, and the others—to make them exist.)  Amazingly, it all worked.  Martyn G. Newey became the best, most successful CBT/CAI/Interactive Videodisc/Multimedia/WBT/e-learning marketer, leader, and visioneer in the world.  Bar none.  And even though the profession’s titles have changed, he still understands that we need to share meaty, meaningful messages that really matter in the lives of real people.  It works.

Now, let’s get personal.  We know of few who are more loyal—to God, to wife and kids, to friends (anyone he meets), and to principles.  Let alone to (two “m’s” then one “m”…no, TWO “m’s”).  Marty is passionate—no armchair quarterback here.  He truly is in it—for people and profession, in that order.  Marty is a consummate communicator—he listens, he learns, he laughs, he loves.  And he tells stories.  Abe Lincoln did that, too.  But he was taller.  Marty’s communication is real, as he is.  WYSIWYG.  And honest.  Maybe too honest for some, sometimes.  But this intensive integrity builds boatloads of tremendous trust.  25 years of trust and counting.  He is a professional’s professional.

Thanks, Marty.  For literally saving Allen Communication more times than anyone knows.  For doing it with persevering style.  For keeping family first through constant travel and late night proposals.  For marrying a truly wonderful and selfless woman who has been at your side through it all.  (We love you, Julie!  You’ve heard and lived all the stories multiple times each—wow!)  For helping Julie raise magnificent kids.  For blessing the profession.  For sharing your remarkable self with all of us.

May Providence continue to shine upon you and yours.
With love and deep admiration and much gratitude,

Nancy and Rex Allen