Social Learning


Social learning plays a key role in AllenComm’s layered, sustained solutions.


Social Features Matter More Than Ever!

Our expectations as learners have changed—we’re more media savvy, less patient with closed experiences, and more accustomed to an online “search and share” culture. But to foster active learning networks, we can’t just pile on social features. In our experience, we have to focus on designing social learning from the ground up. As you begin planning your own designs, consider starting with a performance map to determine which social tools best align with your business objectives and audience needs. From there, you can implement your designs on either the larger program level, or the more focused course level.

Social Learning

For critical, multifaceted programs, we’ve created social learning portals that ground the user experience from start to finish in a social space. This approach provides a unified, cutting-edge social interface across courses and performance support assets collectively, leading to solutions like:

  • A learning community that features social gaming, scoring, and leaderboards, all with integrated e-coaching, to create an external learning community primed to support one another and share successes together, and
  • A brand leadership portal that integrates online learning with social tools to help learners create their own brand promotion metrics, track them across teams, and compare them to others.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of optimally designed, program-level social learning is that social dashboards are available across program elements collectively, so you can create a response to a forum post without leaving a course, save comments to a quarterly action plan from a reference document and automatically alert your mentor, or even see how your high score on the latest scenario challenge is holding up while you surf a resources page.

Social Courses

For smaller, focused programs, a full social portal may not be needed. In these cases, we’ve created:

  • Personalized learning assets, in which learners tailor their own branded, support tools, such as custom infographics, product maps, or management plans, to share with their professional networks and teams,
  • Integrated content strategies that invite smart participation and feedback through existing company social media streams, helping learners contribute their own unique voices and knowledge as brand and initiative champions, and
  • Course strategies that tie social tools to learning activities, allowing the audience to jump into their Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest feeds, for example, to explore crowd-sourced learning content, pose new questions, and share successes and goals with their networks.

AllenComm’s learning directors can help you map out an award-winning strategy to drive performance through social learning.

Contact us to have a conversation about how social learning can play a key role in your organization. Even if you’re not quite ready for social learning now, we can show you the latest trends and tools and help you create a personalized social strategy for the future.