Technical Consultation


Find the best options for successful technical implementation & maintenance of your learning programs.

Wondering what the best options for hosting your course are? Worried about integrating programs with your LMS? Having issues with compatibility and industry standards? AllenComm’s technical team is here to help. From video disc players to CD to online to virtual worlds and learning 2.0, AllenComm has been there the whole way. As a result, the number of “lessons learned” during that time is virtually unmatched, and when paired with our processes and talented tech gurus, you can be sure we’ll come up with a solution to make any technical implementation and environment user friendly and seamless.

3 Most Requested Services:

  • Learning Management Integration
  • Hosting
  • SCORM, AICC, Industry Standards and Best Practices

With AllenComm, you can be confident your course will work with your LMS—no matter where or when. We are experts at implementing SCORM standards, including its manifest file structures, required and optional data tags, and the implementation variations necessary to work with LMS and LCMS products supporting the standard. Having worked with both server and client sides of the AICC file-based and HTTP-protocol standards has enabled us to develop and prescribe solutions that embrace standards, integrate with existing and planned systems, and recommend the best size to meet customers’ learning objectives. We’ve even created wrappers for “legacy” courses to make them SCORM or AICC compliant. And because of the AllenComm Learning Portal, we can offer you a complete custom learning management solution, including hosting, for a fraction of the cost of a LMS.

So whether it’s an existing training course needing SCORM/AICC compliance, a new course seamlessly integrated, or hosting or your courses, AllenComm is there for you. Need to upgrade legacy courseware to SCORM compliance? Researching how vendors integrate their courseware with your LMS? Just want a better idea of our competencies in training technology integration?