Onboarding Training – The J.R. Simplot Company

Business Challenge

At the J.R. Simplot Company, managers were facing the best kind of problem—they had so many high-performing individuals working at the company that many people were being promoted to supervisory roles. However, though these new leaders had extensive experience and skill in their previous jobs, they had little to no experience as supervisors. In order to keep processes running smoothly and safely, Simplot needed innovative and practical leadership onboarding training for these recently promoted supervisors.

AllenComm Solution

Working collaboratively with experts at Simplot, AllenComm created a web-based, learner-focused course that targeted known performance issues and built up learners’ leadership knowledge and hands-on skills. The course content nurtures a well-rounded self-awareness by giving learners opportunities to take what they learn in the course into their real workplaces with structured leadership challenges that address actual problems and foster meaningful dialogue between team members. Through self-guided learning, field work, and virtual collaboration, AllenComm’s course gives new leaders the resources, insight, and support they need to improve their technical and leadership skills, ultimately empowering them to succeed in their new roles as supervisors.

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  • Improved communication and accountability
  • Reduced HR incidents and issues
  • Reduced safety incidents
  • Honed key leadership skills
  • Boosted new supervisors’ confidence