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Higher standards and demands in the healthcare industry have made practicing medicine more complicated and stressful. The possibility of lawsuits due to alleged malpractice adds a layer of personal risk for physicians. To keep up with the rapidly evolving healthcare industry and offer a way for physicians to receive the required training for insurance against malpractice, Physicians Reciprocal Insurance (PRI) sought to take a new direction in their required current training for their insured physicians. PRI challenged AllenComm to create a fresh, impactful, and transformational course that would be perceived by the physicians as worth their time.


The AllenComm Solution

AllenComm approached this challenge by first gaining the learner’s attention with a motion graphic that made the case for why a specific behavior was necessary for the healthcare industry. These cases used either statistics and studies or quick experience stories. We then used research, case studies, quick illustrative exercises, and video interviews with physicians/researchers to present the how and why for the behaviors. Then, at the end of each module, learners interacted with a case during the patient safety rounds that focused on the learning objectives for that behavior. We, along with PRI, created five comprehensive modules that covered areas such as causes of diagnostic errors, strategies to improve clinical reasoning, self-care and mindfulness, and how to interact with patients and their families with empathy. To wrap up the course, learners complete a quick recall review of the topics covered in the course.

One challenge we faced was designing a learning experience for a group of highly accomplished experts. We identified that we had to be thoughtful about how we presented information and the types of activities we designed for our highly educated audience. We also worked with PRI’s subject matter experts to refine our tone and how we spoke to the learner, all contributing to a fresh and transformational experience usable for a dynamic audience.



Physicians felt empowered to

  • Increase resilience
  • Strengthen clinical reasoning to improve decision making
  • Use their teams to increase patient safety
  • Enhance empathy and engagement with patients and families

"All of the AllenComm team are quintessentially professional and creative and so very hard working. The best decision we ever made was to come to AllenComm."

-- Team Member, Physicians Reciprocal Insurance

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Bronze Brandon Hall HCM Excellence Awards for Best Custom Content

Silver Davey Award Websites for Training Websites

Gold Aurora Award for Interactive Media in Training

Bronze Horizon Award in Website Health and Human Services for "Clinical Reasoning, Resilience, and Teamwork"

Bronze Horizon Award in Responsive Mobile Designs for "Clinical Reasoning, Resilience, and Teamwork"

Gold Horizon Award in Video Instruction for "Clinical Reasoning, Resilience, and Teamwork"

Bronze Horizon Award in Video Instruction for "Clinical Reasoning, Resilience, and Teamwork"

Bronze Omni Award in Education

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