custom training to meet your needs.


AllenComm Signature Solutions are the result of decades of experience and evolving to meet the changing business landscape, growing tech boom, and learner needs. Though everything we create is custom designed, these training assets draw on our perspective of what has been effective for different clients. They provide a framework in which we can build custom training and interactivity relevant to your unique needs. These custom design solutions are found only at AllenComm:

Impact Maps

Using an interactive experience, learners complete individual profiles of their impact—whether that’s on your brand, the company’s reputation or other people in your organization—which becomes an infographic to visually show each learner’s personal impact.

Customer Service Game

When you need to show the impact of one person, the customer service game will make an impact. This game lays out how each decision your learner makes affects primary, secondary and potential customers, in real life and on social media. It’s an engaging way to get across the ripple effect of customer service.

Interactive Infographics

Everybody learns better when they can approach training through a variety of media. Interactive infographics combine engagement with stunning visual data to help learners better retain and visualize the information you need to convey.


A mini module that makes a big impression, the 5-in-5 communicates five pieces of information in 5 minutes. It’s a versatile asset that can be used as a refresher course, a prework element, a communication piece, or on its own.

Launch Kits

Many of our learning and development clients don’t have the budget for a full launch plan when they roll out a new training. That’s why we created a Launch Kit with a simple checklist and communication plan to help your new training launch successfully.

Advanced Planner

Too often corporate training exists only as a one-time event. Allen’s Advanced Planner combats training amnesia by inspiring learners to critically think about how to personally apply your training into their role. The planner can be used as pre-work to your training or at its completion.

Build Your Own Story

Brand loyalty is key for sales and retail professionals who are onboarding into a new company culture. Using this solution helps learners integrate product and company knowledge into their own story. They become natural brand advocates, not just employees. Having this personal connection is the bread-and-butter of sales and retail.

Client Conversations

Every customer is different, and, just like your learners, customers need different approaches. Our Client Conversations Wizard helps sales and retail professionals identify the type of customer they are speaking with and figure out the best sales approach for that person.

Storyteller Videos

When you want more of an unguarded human element incorporated in your training, we often recommend a storyteller video. These interview-based videos are often unscripted and provide a real and candid glance into the organization. The videos can either stand-alone, or can be the introduction to your courses, used within classroom or web-based sessions, or as a marketing piece to accompany your training launch. If you’re looking for expertise applied to take your learning from an event to an experience, Allen’s Signature Solutions may be the right fit for you. You get custom design built on what works. Let’s talk about how these solutions could meet your goals.

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