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Engagement Weekly: How the C-Suite Influences Employee Engagement

Learn about the latest in employee engagement within various industries. This week’s influential authors look into the importance of a CEO lunch program, an engagement checklist for managers and key strategies for great employee engagement programs.

Get the full stories below.

1. Recognizing Employees is the Simplest Way to Improve Morale

Hbr.org – Employee recognition programs should be centered around bringing out the best in people. Read More

2. What to Do During Your Employees’ First Week to Avoid Losing Them

Fastcompany.com – The most crucial part of a successful onboarding process is checking in with new employees on a regular basis and keeping communication open and fluid. Read More

3. 9 Leadership Initiatives to Ramp Up Team Engagement

Entrepreneur.com – Strong team engagement can lead to stronger customer engagement, which can positively affect an organization’s bottom line. Read More

4. How CEO Lunches Increase Employee Engagement

Forbes.com – Another way to foster a better sense of belonging and value to the organization is creating a CEO lunch program with employees. Read More

5. The Great Employee Engagement Hoax

Inc.com – Truly engaged employees are created from a bottom-up philosophy with a focus on the employee’s well being in and out of the office. Read More

6. Employee Engagement: New Science on How Leaders Engage and Inspire

Smartblogs.com – Leaders need to develop important social and emotional qualities to help boost employee engagement levels. Read More

7. An Engagement Checklist for Managers

Eremedia.com – It’s important for managers and leaders to create a checklist of key drivers of employee engagement. Read More

8. The Core Reason Leadership Approaches to Employee Engagement Fail

Switchandshift.com – Employee engagement programs should be based on inspiration and engagement, not measurement and documentation. Read More

9. 5 Employee Engagement Tips That Don’t Involve a Bean Bag

Managementtoday.co.uk – From giving back to playing to employees’ strengths and working on weakness, organizations can create an employee engagement program that makes employees more committed to their jobs. Read More

10. Beyond Checking a Box: How to Create a Real Employee Engagement Program

Trinet.com – The key to a successful employee engagement program is one that creates opportunities for employees to learn and grow. Read More

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