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Engagement Weekly: Relating to Company Values

  1. Pen Jayme Jenkins
  2. Calendar October 27, 2015

Learn about the latest in employee engagement within various industries. This week’s influential authors look into customer-centric cultures, gamification and employee motivation and how small businesses can improve engagement levels.

Get the full stories below.

1. Employee Engagement Is More Important Than the Customer

Entrepreneur.com – Customer experience impacts brands, and it is important for employees to be the company’s own customer. Read More

2. Let’s Play! How Gamification Can Improve Employee Engagement

Business2community.com – According to a Badgeville report, gamification increases productivity levels for 90 percent of workers and increases awareness of workers’ goals and tasks by 86 percent. Read More

3. How to Make Your Employees Happier Every Day

Inc.com – Companies can create happier employees when they give them work flexibility, provide a relaxed work environment, encourage them to exercise and laugh, as well as challenge and spend time with employees. Read More

4. Many Employees Don’t Know What’s Expected of Them at Work

Gallup.com – Managers need to help employees set and achieve goals in order to increase employee engagement. Read More

5. Inspire Employee Loyalty With Recognition Rooted in Company Values

Entrepreneur.com – It’s important for employee engagement programs to encompass defined company values. Read More

6. 3 Ways Small Businesses Can Improve Employee Productivity

Business2community.com – Small businesses can improve employee engagement with clearly defined goals, cloud-based communication and building employee relationships. Read More

7. Engagement Is The Key, But Here’s How You Can Maximize Employee Retention

Eremedia.com – Employee engagement is important because companies can positively affect it in order to retain employees. Read More

8. Report Shows Flexible Work Options Leads to Higher Employee Engagement

Calgaryherald.com – According to a WORKshift and Rogers Communication national survey, there is an 89 percent increase in high engagement if the work location is flexible. Read More

9. 4 Strategies For Building (and Maintaining) Employee Engagement

Bizjournals.com – Within organizations, it’s important for companies to focus engagement from the bottom up. Read More

10. What Ants Can Show You About Employee Engagement & Customer Centricity

Business2community.com – Organizations need to have a good customer-centric culture. Read More

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