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Company Culture Can Say A Lot About Engagement

  1. Pen Jayme Jenkins
  2. Calendar October 20, 2015

Learn about the latest in employee engagement within various industries. This week’s influential authors look into the benefits of employee engagement surveys, getting to know leadership better through an AMA event and engagement’s rippling effect within an organization.

Get the full stories below.

1. Benefits of Employee Engagement on Social Media for a Business

Socialmediadelivered.com – Benefits of employee engagement on social media include being a more cost-effective solution, an increase in productivity and building trust. Read More

2. Use an ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA) to Create Employee Engagement

Hrbartender.com – An AMA can help increase employee engagement and drive creative inspiration with employees. Read More

3. 4 Reasons You Should Care About Employee Engagement

Tembosocial.com – An important aspect of employee engagement is to create avenues for employees to share their ideas and collaborate with each other. Read More

4. Drivers of Employee Engagement: Skill Fit & Development

Avatarsolutions.com – Managers need to work with their staff to not only help them grow within their careers, but invest in developing new skills as well. Read More

5. Missing Link Between Employee Engagement and Mental Health Impacts Well-being

Hrreview.co.uk – Research shows that there is a 9% increase in employee engagement when the manager is caring and supportive. Read More

6. The End of Employee Engagement? I Think Not

Thestaffingstream.com – When employees have passion and pride, they will always be motivated and engaged in the work they do. Read More

7. Employee Engagement Is Not the Problem

Business2community.com – Employee engagement is a symptom that affects not just motivation, but leadership, culture, communication and development. Read More

8. Recap: Employee Engagement: What You Are Getting Wrong (and Right!)

Blogs.questionpro.com – It’s important for companies to reflect on their culture, identify issues and understand why employees are not engaged. Read More

9. 3 Reasons to Do an Employee Engagement Survey

Tembostatus.com – Surveys can give an unfiltered perspective, support new initiatives and be a great communication tool among employees. Read More

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