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Engagement Weekly: Why Efforts Need to be Made From Both Employer and Employee

Learn about the latest in employee engagement within various industries. This week’s influential authors look into how social and individual motivation influences engagement, the importance of organizational feedback and how individual and organizational courage is necessary to improve employee engagement.

Get the full stories below.

1. If You Want Happy Workers, Stop Treating Them Like Children

Qz.com – Companies should focus on making employees become a ”participant” within the business. Read More

2. CEOs Reveal The Secrets to Motivating Employees to Perform at Their Peak

Forbes.com – CEOs offer four ways to increase employee engagement and what works at their companies. Read More

3. Employee Engagement? What if Employees Don’t Want to be Engaged?

Forbes.com – Employee engagement thrives when social motivation, recognition and individual motivation are present within employees. Read More

4. 11 Eye-Opening Statistics on the Importance of Employee Feedback

Blog.hubspot.com – Employee feedback can be a huge factor for increasing employee engagement levels. Read More

5. Unhappy at Work? Swipe Right to Tell the Boss

FastCompany.com – New employee engagement surveys, visualization tools and tactics are revamping employee engagement within organizations. Read More

6. 10 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement and Performance

Business2Community.com – Work teams and departments need regular attention and maintenance in order to improve employee engagement. Read More

7. Can Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Help you Understand Employee Engagement?

ServiceFutures.com – Maslow’s hierarchy of needs directly correlates with employee engagement.

8. Employee Engagement? Sometimes, It Requires Acts of Courage

Eremedia.com – Courage is an important trait for both the employer and employee when it comes to engagement. Read More

9. Employee Engagement is the Wrong Question

SwitchandShift.com – Individual well-being and happiness needs to be part of the engagement conversation.

10. Boost Employee Engagement and Productivity with Gamification

BangkokPost.com – Gamification tactics in the office can help increase employee engagement, learning and collaboration. Read More

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