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Episode 1: How Avon Built a Great Learner Experience


In the first episode of AllenComm’s Building Better Training podcast, we talk to Tom Koty and Janis Howard with Avon about the first phase of their new training solution that is centered on providing a great learner experience. Allen created the custom learning portal for Avon University, and Jolet Olsen of Allen’s portal team also explains how Avon created a design that would be just what their learners need.

Tom and Janis explain:

  • Where Avon was coming from with their past learner experience.
  • Why they were looking for something new.
  • What the initial design was and how that changed.
  • What features they built into the design to make it truly learner-centric.
  • What the reaction has been so far.
  • Where they want to go in future phases.

We hope you enjoy getting to hear how Avon went from learner needs to a custom solution.

What can you take away to improve your learner experience? What problems are you trying to solve?

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