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How to Embody Excellence in Training: Winning Brandon Hall

The Brandon Hall HCM Excellence Awards recognize innovative corporate training with measurable results. This year AllenComm won seven awards: Four Gold awards for the Excellence in Learning and Excellence in Leadership Development categories, and three silver awards for Excellence in Learning category. This makes us a top award winner for the 2019 Brandon Hall Awards.

Case Study: Change Healthcare Compliance Training

To understand how our corporate training courses did so well, let’s take a look at the “Integrity in Action” compliance training course developed for Change Healthcare — which won gold for Compliance Training and silver for Custom Content.

Best Advance in Compliance Training 

For compliance training courses, the Brandon Hall award looks for training solutions that precisely fit the client’s needs, deliver the training in a way that positively influences the organizational goals and learning results, and boasts measurable benefits and overall impact on learners. Now let’s take a look at the project for Change Healthcare.

Needs Analysis

Our learning team started by conducting a needs analysis to determine the client’s performance gaps and desired outcomes. During the design process, they also explored their five company values: Pursue Purpose, Include All, Earn Trust, Champion Innovation, and Be Agile. The course design had to support Change Healthcare’s Code of Conduct, but it was also important to align the content with those values. So, our learning team created a framework for the course that was centered around the company values but also provided learners with practical tools and tips to help them align their behavior with those values.

Training Designed for Impact

How do you ensure that training design and training delivery methods are effective? It’s not always easy, but in this case, our learning team made sure to address training obstacles before they could affect behavioral outcomes. For example, ingrained beliefs, attitudes, and learning fatigue are all challenges that can be addressed with the right content and course design. By using immersive scenarios, videos, and examples, our design helped learners not only build a knowledge base around but enabled application and analysis of the content.

Measurable Results

Tangible results aren’t always easy to come by in corporate training, but they are critical to the Brandon Hall award. The results of our analysis and careful course design translated into measurable benefits for the learners. The design improved course completion rates by 15% and decreased seat time for course completion. Additionally, survey results revealed that after completing the course, 85% of learners were able to access and effectively use the code of conduct. Those surveyed said that the course was a good use of their time, and 95% said they found the information they needed.

Best Advance in Custom Content criteria

Like the Compliance Training award, the Brandon Hall Award for Custom Content also looks for training programs that address the specific needs of the learners and produces measurable benefits. The award criteria also consider content presentation, navigation, use of media, and interactivity and engagement.

The AllenComm learning team carefully designed the Change Healthcare course to make sure it was well-organized with a logical sequence and flow. The course was made to feel like a social media platform to be more familiar to the learner demographics, making the course easy and intuitive to navigate.

The Integrity in Action course also uses media effectively, utilizing videos throughout the training. Three types of videos appear in the course: an introductory video, which features the company’s Executive Vice President; Integrity Talks, a series that addresses complex compliance topics; and Compliance Coaching videos, which provide additional guidance to learners taking the final assessment. However, each video serves a different function.

Finally, AllenComm made sure the content within the Change Healthcare course was diverse and engaging. Learners experienced timeline activities, self-assessments, scenarios with branching decision trees, and clickable flow charts that are interesting and informational.


The Brandon Hall award recognizes outstanding corporate training; the kind of work that has become a standard at AllenComm. Our project with Change Healthcare provides a great example of how thorough needs analyses, impactful design strategy, and innovative media and interactivity leads to success. But building an award-winning training program isn’t without its challenges. So, be sure to speak with the training consultants at AllenComm to learn how to make your next training program embody excellence.