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Allen Communication Named Top Training Company for Improving Business Performance through Gamification

Allen’s innovative gaming approaches, paired with award-winning custom content and learning portal capabilities, are making learning programs memorable, actionable, and repeatable for top brands across all major industries.

SALT LAKE CITY (November 10, 2014) – Allen Communication (Allen), a leader in learning and development, is helping organizations make wise and measurable investments with their training dollars. has named Allen as a top company in gamification, adding to Allen’s previous recognitions as top company in learning portals and custom content development. As one of only three organizations included in all three categories, Allen stands out for delivering tailored learning content, brand education solutions, high-quality gamification, and excellent learning experiences for a wide-range of companies, including many award-winning solutions for Fortune 500 brands.

Strategically working with the top companies on innovative learning solutions, Allen conducts in-depth needs analyses and performance-mapping to ensure that all design strategies and technical innovations align directly with desired business results. Allen’s learning solutions are custom-built around client specifications and metrics, rather than created from one-size-fits-all templates. In this way, highly-branded solutions are created with role-specific content, clear ties to performance metrics, and immediate feedback for learners through powerful learning portals. This approach makes Allen’s learning games memorable, actionable, and repeatable, helping learners of all types voluntarily seek out training and performance programs.

For example, for a recent Fortune 100 global retail client, Allen incorporated a brand education solution with custom content, gamification, and learning portal services. The program has been hailed as the most successful learning program in the company’s history. Specifically, Allen developed a highly-branded game that allows employees to practice vital customer experience skills in a safe environment with realistic scenarios and consequences. A powerful learning portal supports a unique user experience that is personalized based on specific performance needs. After the game, learners are guided to an activity in which they reflect on decisions made during the game and where they can receive additional training content and set individual goals. The game has seen great success with learners and stakeholders, breaking a record for voluntary completions, increasing employee execution of the brand standards, and measurably improving customer satisfaction ratings.

Ron Zamir, CEO of Allen said, “Allen is focused on working with clients to develop strategic learning solutions that deliver real, measurable results for our clients. We help organizations use brand education as a powerful tool to drive employee engagement and improved performance. Our recognition as the best in gamification, learning portals, and custom content development demonstrates our ability to use all three aspects to create true behavior change.”

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About Allen Communication
For more than 30 years, Allen Communication has led the learning industry, providing pioneering educational strategies, technologies, and analytics. With extensive experience across every major industry, Allen’s award-winning projects for the best-known companies in the world drive lasting business results and documented ROI. Businesses trust Allen with their most critical learning and performance projects, because Allen aligns agency-quality media design, best-in-class instructional strategy and technology, and a proven design process centered on alignment with quantifiable business results. Follow Allen on Twitter@Allencomm, on LinkedIn, and on Facebook.