Brand Education Portal

Protecting your brand has never been more important.

But how do you ensure thousands of employees, plus your vendors and partners, understand your brand vision and represent it well.

The AllenComm Portal

AllenComm’s award-winning Learning Portal has been specifically designed to support brand education and ambassadorship for many of the world’s best companies. Far from an off-the-shelf system, AllenComm’s brand portals are built to not only educate on your brand, but to showcase the brand standards you espouse in every part of the design.

Here's How It Works:

  • Because your brand education experience needs to be inviting and intuitive, recognizing we all influence the brand in different ways, we personalize the experience and deliver the guidance each role needs to build the brand vision, exactly when they need it.

  • We design integrated strategies like gamification, micro learning, and social sharing into the experience to make it sticky.

  • Taking cues from marketing analytics, our smart data approaches help you monitor the trends on the ground, tracking versions, anticipating questions, and building on what’s working.

  • We integrate workflow tools into the portal itself, including version tracking, notifications, bookmarking, and personal brand-footprint exercises to help you create your brand vision.

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Your brand is the heart of your company. AllenComm’s award-winning brand portals create brand champions and unify your brand voice. Contact us today and one of our learning directors will consult with you to identify the system features most important to your brand story.

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