Off-The-Shelf Training

Cegos’ World-class Courses + Allen’s Custom Technology and Services = Have your Cake and Eat it Too


For years, you had two options: pay for a custom course or take the out-of-the-box solution as is. Now, Allen has partnered with Cegos, a global leader in online learning content, to provide an alternative. We deliver a catalog of over 200 of the best elearning courses, in 18 languages, all supported by our award-winning portal and custom course development services.

  THE ALLEN ADVANTAGE With this partnership, Allen’s clients have access to the entire Cegos learning library, including all the major topics medium-to-large businesses need to stay competitive and improve performance. Given Allen’s unique industry standing, however, we provide more than just access. Our partnership with Cegos centers on additional levels of service to make sure a client’s learning actually changes the behaviors that matter most to business, not just checks the box with off-the-shelf courseware. BETTER TECHNOLOGY Cegos course on MS SurfaceMost standard learning programs are built around courses—you take a course; you take a test; you’re done. But turning knowledge into new behaviors often requires sustained attention. That’s why Allen pairs our award-winning portal technology with Cegos’ training to create better programs, with better application tools. Clients who use the Allen portal can create critical support features for each Cegos course, like role-based paths, seamless integration of business-specific content (policies, job aids, and resources), custom metrics tracking and dashboards, and integrated change management and performance support. We’ve used these same feature sets in our custom programs to become one of the most highly awarded companies in our industry. BETTER SUPPORT Even with the best standardized learning, like Cegos’, many organizations eventually find a few points that have to be customized. For example, you want a great Marketing Principles curriculum, but you also want it contextualized within your company’s marketing strategy. Or maybe you want just one standardized course in your custom curriculum. Given our strengths, Allen and Cegos can customize each program to meet these needs, creating a seamless blend of custom and standardized courses. We can also integrate the supporting layers you need to win over learners and influence your business: change management messaging, action planning, engagement metrics tracking, and more.

Contact us today to review the catalog or talk about how Allen’s portal and custom services can help you deliver great learning content, while preserving the advantages of partnering with an industry-best custom partner.