Product Knowledge Training Has Award-Winning Results


Our cutting-edge graphic design, motion graphics, and instructional design methods create award-winning training.

Product Training Development You Can trust

At AllenComm, we strive to be the best instructional design and content company for creating effective product knowledge training. We do this by developing training programs that motivate learners and seamlessly incorporate our client’s culture and brand into the learning content.

AllenComm has helped companies in a variety of industries develop effective product knowledge training with interactive media and techniques to engage audiences. The programs we’ve developed have achieved triple-digit ROI, double-digit retention rates, increased levels of program adoption, and improved selling behaviors.


Winning Awards For Product Knowledge Training

AllenComm has won dozens of awards for product knowledge training over the past few years for our clients, including a Gold Communicator Award of Distinction for Lego.

Our focus on strong brand integration and an innovative approach during design and development of these courses has ensured success. 

We can do the same for your organization. Reach out to us and let us know how we can transform your training program.