Consumer Goods Training


Enhance your employee and customer experience.

The consumer goods industry is quickly evolving as companies work to keep up with changing consumer behavior and preferences, delivery through multiple channels, and a rapidly growing global consumer base. To stay ahead in this competitive climate, your workforce needs up-to-date training.

At AllenComm, we understand that the success of your company depends on brand loyalty and the customer experience, as well as the peak performance of every employee. Our custom-designed courses give learners the opportunity to develop skills for career enhancement while helping your organization improve efficiency, strengthen customer interactions, and increase your competitive advantage.

With over 35 years of training experience, we understand your business needs. Global consumer goods companies trust AllenComm to deliver quality, custom training that supports the goals and values of their organizations.

The success of your company depends on brand loyalty and the customer experience.



AllenComm’s professional instructional designers know that creating training that makes a lasting impact requires more than just presenting information. Our interactive training solutions mimic what learners will be doing on the job. When learners actively engage with the material, they see the connection between the learning concepts and how they apply to what they do—and more importantly, how what they do helps the company succeed.


Because your company and employees are unique, your training should be too. That’s why AllenComm always begins with an in-depth analysis to identify your training goals and target the behaviors and motivations learners need to achieve those goals. We create relevant activities that help your learners practice real-life skills. By structuring your learning objectives into short, easily completed segments, we keep the training fun and fast-paced and the learners engaged. This approach enables you and your team to manage, and ultimately impact, much more than you previously thought possible.


AllenComm partnered with one international restaurant chain to help employees improve the quality of its products and increase the brand reputation of its franchises. Using gamification, we created realistic simulations of job tasks and scored assessments that kept learners motivated during training. The innovative design increased training completion among franchises over 65%. Product quality and reputation increased as well, and the amount of food wasted by sub-standard preparation decreased by over 40% in just the first iteration.

You need exciting and engaging training solutions that will meet the needs of a diverse group of learners while communicating key information that improves the overall experience of your employees and customers. AllenComm will help you to create innovative, effective, and impactful training solutions that will raise your business success to new heights.

Consumer Goods Training Examples

  • Brand and product training
  • Leadership and management
  • Onboarding
  • Communicating with customers
  • Processes and procedures
  • Sales enablement