"Rapid Onboarding in the Age of Digital Transformation"

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Learning 2019 brought new insights, best practices, and emerging innovations in the world of Learning at the Workplace. Anna and Ron were there to talk about the impact of digital transformation on the employee development industry. Their presentation covered how a digital approach for pre-boarding and onboarding can decrease time to productivity and level-up your digital transformation process.


Learn how to:

  • Engage learners by personalizing their onboarding experience through a qualitative data-driven approach

  • Jumpstart the learning process by prioritizing content and delivery methods for pre-boarding new hires

  • Optimize onboarding by integrating learning into everyday work through accessible on-demand resource


Introducing the speakers


Ron Zamir

Ron Zamir has been the CEO of AllenComm since 2003. He spends his time partnering with clients to discover how learning and development can scale to have a real impact on learner engagement and retention. Ron's thought leadership articles have been featured in training magazines, blogs and eBooks as well as at conferences world-wide. Ron is an Honors graduate of Hebrew University, has Academic degrees and certifications in multiple fields such as International Relations, Business, Archaeology, and Instructional Design.


Anna Sargsyan

Anna is the Chief Learning Officer at AllenComm. Anna is a thoughtful strategist, bold thinker, and inspiring leader. At AllenComm, Anna oversees innovation for current and future training needs where she identifies opportunities to improve the effectiveness of the results-driven instructional design. With her vision to change the way people learn, think critically, and act, Anna works with cross-functional teams to help engage and transform learners and strengthen company brand and culture.

Build onboarding that improves employee adoption of digital transformation.