Sales Training – Wellpoint


In an ever-changing healthcare world, WellPoint had a difficult challenge. They needed to train a sales team to speak confidently and eloquently about a large range of technical tools and diverse medical services. WellPoint needed their sales team members to be strong advocates for their healthcare offerings despite a variety of non-scientific backgrounds, as well as remain informed about a range of products that are frequently updated. They wanted a training solution that wouldn’t be seen as training and had an additional layer of difficulty. Their sales team decided to depart from tradition and find an outside vendor to bring fresh technologies and marketing education.


To overcome the sales bias against the idea of training, AllenComm created a “Sales Tool Kit” for WellPoint. We created a solution for that made even the most complex technical information clear to WellPoints non-technical, non-medical learners. Successfully communicating need-to-know information in a brand-focused way is a specialty of AllenComm’s, and we paid close attention to their sales team’s unique learning needs, as well as their time and travel constraints. By designing a program they could access quickly and digest efficiently, we were able to give them a tool they would actually use.


The AllenComm custom solution incorporated a blended learning solution from a variety of modalities including:

Just-In-Time Tools

Web based training methodology icon


Responsive methodology icon


Responsive methodology icon


Simulations methodology icon



  • Empowered and supported sales specialists
  • Created consistent messaging about health and wellness products
  • Better met client needs


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