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Link’spiration™ – Wednesday August 21st

Link'spiration™ - Corporate TrainingLink’spiration™ – A chance to be surprised and inspired by unexpected connections

The Mash Up
You’ve probably heard of a music mash up — a couple different songs smashed together, each playing off of the other’s rhythm and melody. If you haven’t, take a listen to one example from the TV show Glee that blends “Singing in the Rain” into Rihanna’s “Umbrella.”
Umbrella/Singing in the Rain Mash Up

Mash ups are hip in pop culture, and we think they can mix things up in corporate training, too. We like mash ups because, as a custom training shop, we want to give our customers just the right blend of solutions for their needs. This may mean mashing up modalities, as seen in this motion adaptation of Van Gogh paintings. It may mean mixing two disciplines like marketing and education, or marketing and entertainment, like Volkswagen did in their Golf commercial. Or it may mean repurposing elements to serve a new cause, similar to the way product expiration dates were organized into this perpetual calendar.
Van Gogh Paintings Come to Life
Volkswagen Golf Commercial – Singing in the Rain
Perpetual Calendar

The possibilities are endless and if you’re thinking about fueling that inner creative, try taking two seemingly different things and merging them into a seamless experience. It’s a great way to jumpstart creativity. We’d love to know what you’re mashing.
Fueling Your Inner Creative

For the Love of Learning
On occasion, we stumble across something on the web that draws us in and from which we emerge minutes to hours later, asking ourselves, “Did I really spend that much time looking at footage of lions in the Serengeti?” (We all know it could be worse. It could be flying cats.) The incredible thing about these kinds of experiences is that we are usually learning without even knowing it.
The Sergenti Lion

Training and development practitioners sometimes speak reverently about attention span, as though 21st century learners are as flighty as wild animals that have to be lured to the training watering hole. We aren’t disputing that the way we use technology changes how we think — we just know from personal experience (remember the Serengeti lions?) that we don’ t have trouble paying attention to things that interest us. And “boring” is usually how we package information, not information’s natural state. Consider this amazing “what if” exploration that teaches, almost unintentionally, the relative size of the planets in our solar system. Wouldn’t you love to have learners finish a course and ask themselves, “Did I really spend that much time learning about compliance?”
Learning Technology
Relative Size of Planets
Creative Compliance Training Tips

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