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Allen Communication & Aberdeen Group Release Research Paper – ERP Implementation and Training: A Guide to Getting Your Business in Gear

SALT LAKE CITY (May 1, 2012) – Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have the ability to help organizations gain visibility into operations, communicate across geographic boundaries, streamline processes, promote efficiencies, manage demand, service customers, and cut costs. Truly transforming businesses, assuming companies are able to select, integrate, and properly train users on the right ERP.

Aberdeen Groups research paper: A Guide to Getting Your Business in Gear is based on the responses of 170 organizations that have implemented ERP solutions to the Aberdeen’s ERP Selection, Implementation and Training Survey. The paper attempts to identify potential problems, as well as best-in-class strategies to ensure a successful ERP roll-out.

“Just like Allen, Aberdeen is looking to provide answers on why so many ERP projects fail to achieve their expected results,” said Ron Zamir, CEO at Allen Communication Learning Services. “Our whole effort around developing Systems Assure is designed to address exactly the short-comings and pitfalls Aberdeen outlines in their research and we’re pleased to support this kind of research into improving the state of systems implementations.”

Outlining the best-in-class strategies derived from its research, Aberdeen found that best-in-class organizations are over three times as likely to have a certification program for ERP users, and over four times as likely to measure the ERP aptitude of employees, allowing training to be altered and customized to improve end-user performance. The research also found best-in-class organizations are more likely to integrate training into the daily business processes of employees, minimizing the amount of time employees spend away from their day-to-day responsibilities.

Allen has developed a solution that focuses on these best-in-class strategies and properly training the end-users of an ERP system. A different and tailored training approach, Systems Assure helps accelerate ERP deployment, sustains effective usage and lowers the risk of project failure and increases the lifetime value of the system. The goal of Systems Assure is to minimize the training in the initial implementation by more than 30 percent while raising relevancy and motivation that directly impact user adoption.

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