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Unique Learning Interactions Build Effective Learning Solutions

When we build our training, we look at the learning objectives and choose the best activities to support the learner in achieving that goal. We recognize that not every task will benefit equally from common activities. Accordions and carousels can only educate a learner to a point; specific activities need to be designed to accomplish the learning goal, which is why customizable training and unique learning interactions are so important to tailor building an effective activity.

Unique Learning Interactions

Interactive Onboarding

We make training to achieve different needs. What works for brand training will be different from compliance training. When we built the Brick Specialist course for LEGO, we were designing an onboarding experience that aimed to show what it meant to be a Brick Specialist at the LEGO Brand retail store. The best way to emulate that experience was to make the onboarding interactive and to simulate the experience through an interactive game. The game we built presented the layout of the store, which helped familiarize the learner to the environment, then we had interactions the required the learner to make the correct response. This method allowed for greater engagement between the onboarding training and the learner.

Learning Sales Techniques

The goals for Certified Angus Beef® were different, and so we had to choose a method that worked best for them. The goal was to assist third-party sales representatives in increasing sales and demonstrating the value of the brand, which meant that the activities had to simulate the types of conversations a sales representative would typically experience. By designing custom conversation-based activities, users could experience what it would be like to sell the product and to receive immediate feedback, such as how accurate the learner was or where their skills could improve their sales technique.

Interactions for Behavioral Training

Not all training is based on job emulation, and these challenges are more demanding. Onboarding and sales enablement have particular skills that the learner must be able to replicate, but behavioral based training is a more unique challenge to design. For the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) course, we created simulations where the learner had to identify the correct clues presented from each example, and to determine the appropriate response or to match the corresponding traits to the correct persona. This training assisted the learner in paying attention to many personality types in action and to determine the best responses for each circumstance. Leadership training benefits from activities that allow the learner to demonstrate mastery of the skills they have observed, and through interaction, the learning objective is reinforced in a contained environment.


Whatever your training needs are, there is a way to make something that is beneficial to your target audience. With a clearly defined learning goal and with the right tools, our talented design team is able to build something effective, engaging, and specific to your course.