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Custom eLearning is a Key Employee Development Training Trend in 2022

What do learning and development (L&D) professionals need to know to prepare for the future of work? In order to stay competitive amid changing market conditions, the so-called ‘Great Resignation,’ and increasing competition for talent, organizations will need to invest in custom eLearning development to meet the needs of a remote workforce.

That’s according to data gathered by the Association for Talent Development (ATD). In their recently released 2021 State of the Industry Report Talent Development Benchmarks and Trends, sponsored by AllenComm, the report showed that use of custom eLearning is expected to expand over the next five years.

Other important key findings? ATD found that by the end of 2020, most managers (77%) had at least one direct report who was partially or fully in another location. Organizations that provided training for management to develop their remote skills and how to manage in virtual settings were much more likely to be strong business performers.

These findings will be useful for L&D professionals to improve training design and consider delivery methods used in the remote environment. It should also be useful for organizational leadership and anyone considering making an update to their onboarding, sales, compliance, leadership, or other types of training – either through internal initiatives, or with the collaboration of a custom eLearning training company or consultant.

Person doing custom eLearning on a laptop

You can read a summary of the report here at the AllenComm website. And if you are in need of a custom eLearning company to provide scalable learning solutions, please contact us here to schedule a consultation and discuss options.