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Case Study: Employee Brand Training for a Manufacturing Company


This particular client had been in the business of providing electronics manufacturing services to its customers. In recent years, however, they had made a strategic shift to a new full-service manufacturing model, in which they co-innovate with their customers, helping them at any stage of product creation. The problem was that the communication of their new strategy was inconsistent across the company, leaving employees in the dark about the new direction. The executive team realized that if their own employees didn’t understand the value of their unique solutions, how could they successfully contribute to them? And, how could their sales teams sell them? They needed a brand training program that could engage, excite and educate their diverse workforce, be implemented around the world, and be delivered on a short timeline.

Brand Training Solution

After a comprehensive design and performance process, AllenComm designed a unique solution that would benefit not only the company’s employees, but their large number of suppliers and customers as well.

The progressive experience begins with a core brand training that introduces all audiences to the company’s advantage. From there, employees go on to learn more about the company’s history and its new full-service manufacturing solutions. They even get a chance to build their own personalized “elevator pitch” to share the company’s value story with anyone they meet.

Sales teams go even deeper, exploring a variety of real success stories they can share with their customers, and engaging with scenarios and tools built to strengthen their sales acumen—helping to turn them into consultants, rather than just order takers.

Brand Training Results

AllenComm’s unique solution helps employees develop a shared understanding and vocabulary around the company’s new strategy and solutions, which has led to more effective collaboration and improved performance. Engagement exceeded 70% across employees and non-employees alike. Additionally, by teaching employees to articulate the value of the new full-service solutions to people inside and outside of the company, they are now able to do their part to elevate the brand experience and contribute to improved business outcomes.

The company needed to develop brand training that’s just as innovative as they are, and in the end they trusted AllenComm to create an experience that has truly changed the mindsets and behaviors of their employees.

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